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MessagePosté le: Lun 22 Nov - 18:31 (2010)    Sujet du message: Nefarian Répondre en citant

So the old enemy is back, and so is his sister it seems. This time, both brother and sister fight side by side against the brave adventurers. They were a bastard to kill on their own, now together? This will not be good..
Raid Setup (10 man):
2 Tanks
3 Healers
Raid Setup (25 man):
3 Tanks
5 Healers
17 DPS
This is a 3 phased fight.
Phase one being Onyxia + Nefarian, ends when Onyxia dies.
Phase two being a survival phase with heavy aoe damage, lasts until the adds on the pillars die.
Phase three being the "kill Nefarian before you get overrun" phase.
Overall the fight seems a bit undertuned compared to the other end bosses so far, however the mechanics are fun and the fight is a decent one. 
Simple once you know the mechanics like alot of fights these days. Hopefully this guide will make it easier!
Phase 1:
The fight starts with only Onyxia in the center. She does the usual (shadow)flame breath and all that. Nefarian spawns some adds (Animated Bone Warrior) that need to be kited around until they collapse. They have an energy bar similar to the Omnitron Defense System, where it drops over time and when it gets to 0 then they collapse for a bit. Nefarian lands shortly after the fight starts and needs to be tanked on the other side of the room to Onyxia. The phase has a "enrage" timer in some ways, and thats visible via Onyxia's "energy" bar, when that gets to full then its danger time, so its best to kill her just before that!
This means you need to then finish onyxia fast and start phase 2 otherwise the damage will be too high to heal. Onyxia does some conal lighting bolts that effect things to her sides, so if your standing at her head/tail then you dont get effected (but get hit by other nasty things, so not worth standing there) this is out-rangeable however if you are over 40 yards away. 

There is a safe zone for ranged while DPSing Onyxia which is quite far behind her tail. This area makes you unable to be hit by tail swipe because you are too far away, and also out of range of the lighting she does, while also being able to DPS. Take advantage of this! You should focus on CCing/kiting the adds as best as possible while dpsing onyxia down to about 5-10% as she only has low health, then dps nefarian as much as possible before that message appears, at which time you switch back and finish off Onyxia, which will start phase 2.
The adds gain a buff similar to the gunship boss you tank, but this one increases damage done by 100% every time they do a melee hit, which is why you should focus on kiting/ccing them rather than tanking as best you can. This goes for phase 3 as well. The adds also have 30 million health (on 10 man at least) so don't even think about trying to kill them.
It's also worth noting that if Nefarian and Onyxia are too close to each other then they both gain a buff increasing their attack speeds by 100% each, which is another reason they need to be seperated.

Phase 2:
You need to get ontop of the 3 pillars as nefarian raises the molten lava up to just below the top of the 3 pillars, and spawns a Chromatic Prototype on all of them. When they all die the phase ends and nefarian lands. The lava also deactivates any remaining adds from phase 1 if there are any. There is increasing damage during this phase and you need an interrupter on all 3 of the adds as they do a painful flame nova, aswell as being in the lava does high damage plus a stacking debuff. This means that you need to split the group to all 3 pillars and take the adds down together.
You should kill 2/3 adds and get the 3rd to sub 10% and dps nefarian for a while before triggering phase 3 however as phase 3 is a dps race before you get overrun so the lower you can get him before then the easier that phase will be.
Best way to do this phase is split the group evenly between the 3 pillars and dps the adds down together, interrupting them and leaving the slowest one to drop alive while you dps the boss some.
If the healers start getting a bit low on mana then finishoff the final add and start Phase 3. It's worth mentioning that the bolts nefarian does during this phase on random people do splash damage in a very small range (like 1 yard) so make sure to not be standing on anyone and stay spread as best as you can to minimise the damage.
Phase 3:
This phase is all about killing Nefarian as fast as you can as he casts a rather annoying ability during this phase that he casts faster and faster as the phase goes on, eventually making it unavoidable. He also has the usual flame breath and tail swipe, and respawns the adds which need to be kited/cc'd/offtanked until they despawn. Preferably dont offtank any because of the stacking buff they gain (as mentioned in phase 1).
The main painful ability he does is Shadowblaze (flame ring). This starts off as a patch of fire then grows as an O shape and hurts like hell. Grows quite a bit then despawns, however when he starts casting the next one before the fire from the previous one despawns it can get tricky to avoid. This means you need to get him as low as you can in the previous two phases so that this phase is as short as possible.
Best way to do this phase is to tank the boss at the outer edge of the room, giving you more warning/space to move around to avoid the flame rings, and that also gives you more space to fear/shackle/root/offtank/kite the adds, which are fully slowable etc.

Overall its a simple fight as long as you know the mechanics, however its still fun none the less.
Youtube Links:

First Video: <Cuties Only> 10 Man. DPS Warrior PoV
Second Video: <Vodka> 25 man. Holy Priest PoV 


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MessagePosté le: Mer 2 Fév - 13:23 (2011)    Sujet du message: Nefarian Répondre en citant

Tank POV :

Assez intéressante.
Warrior Fury

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