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Conclave of Wind

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As the brave adventurers enter the Throne of the Four Winds from the Southern platform, they can see the Mighty Al'Akir in a central platform. However the way to him is blocked by a trio of genies, each born of a single element. One ice, one nature and one wind. It seems that the path has been split in three and the once strong group must split asunder in order to delve further into this place... Whatever will happen to them?
Raid Setup (10 man):
2 Tanks
3 Healers
Raid Setup (25 man):
3 Tanks
6 Healers
16 DPS
Bosses and their Abilities:
Anshal (West) - 4.12 Million health (10 man), 17 Million (25 man)
Withering Winds - Shadow Damage & -100% Healing - Zone wide when no one is on his platform.
Soothing Breeze - On ground around random target - heals boss, silences and pacifies players.
Nurture - Summons adds 
Ravenous Creeper - Melee damage & Toxic Spores - Nature damage every second for 5 seconds, up to 25 stacks.
At full energy:
Zephyr - Heals and increases damage done by boss (& adds if any are up) 
Rohash (East) - 4.12 Million health (10 man), 17 Million (25 man)
Deafening Winds - Nature Damage & Silence - Zone wide when no one is on his platform.
Slicing Gale - Steady Nature Damage Aura.
Winds of Change - Very hard to see ability that spins around the room knocking back anyone that it hits (RE: C'thun eyebeam).
At full energy:
Hurricane - Vortex, Nature DoT & launched into air (fall damage).
Nezir (North) - 7.21M Million health (10 man), 25 Million (25 man)
Chilling Winds - Frost Damage & -500% Haste - Zone wide when no one is on his platform.
Wind Chill - Frost Damage & +10% Frost damage taken stacking debuff.
Frost Patch - Puts frost patches on the ground
Permafrost - AoE Conal Frost damage.
At full energy:
Sleet Storm - 15 second Frost DoT, split between whole platform.

Overview of each Boss:
The basis of this fight is that you need to have at least 1 person on each of the platforms or they throw up a zonewide debuff that will screw you over. 
Rohash (The Eastern One) is tankable by a healer or dps, and is a real pain to attack with melees as there are 3 tornados flying around that platform that do high damage, pretty much unhealable. This means you need to have one healer and one dpser over there (10 man), and 2 healers 1 dpser (25 man). He also has an ability that throws everyone on that platform in the air he uses when he gets to 100% energy. This means that the DPSer or Healer needs to have levitate/slow fall, so one of them has to be either a mage or priest. He also does an ability called Winds of Change, which is a C'thun beam style ability, but if you get hit by it you take a lot of damage + get knocked off the platform (and the winds that carry you back up are buggy and so don't always save you). Also, if nobody is on the platform the entire raid gets silenced + stacking nature damage, and this will trigger if you get knocked off. This ability is very hard to see so be very careful! His normal attack is a weak ranged attack with a 1.5 to 2 second cast time, easily tankable by any ranged dps or healer.
Anshal (The Western One) You should start the fight with one tank and one healer with him (10 man), two healers one tank and two AoE dps (25 man). The tank should focus dpsing down the adds, as they dont have much HP (on 10 man tank can solo, on 25 man you'll need 2-3 AoE dps there to help out), and make sure the boss and none of the adds are in the void zone he spawns (Soothing Breeze). 
When he gets full energy he casts Zephyr. This is a channeled spell similar to tranquility, healing the boss and all adds and giving them all a stacking buff increasing damage by a large amount. Until the buff fades the boss will REALLY hit hard, so make sure to get cooldowns on the tank.
Nezir (The Northern One) should also start the fight with one tank and one healer (10 man), one tank and two healers (25 man). This guy has a lot more health than the other two in both difficulties, so the majority of your time will be spent here (unless you are assigned full time to somewhere else). This boss does a stacking debuff increasing frost damage taken by 10% each stack, as well as a frost damage aura, so you will need your tank/healer(s) assigned here to switch with the tank/healer(s) assigned to Anshal (western one) after around 3-4 stacks. This is done by both teams going and jumping at the same time, this results in no debuff because it takes a good few seconds with nobody on the platform for those to take effect, and makes the swaps as pain free as possible.
This guy's main ability is a frontal cone of frost damage. It's high damage so make sure it's facing away from any DPSers. He also does frost patches on the ground quite often which provide a slow and high DoT to those foolish enough to stay in it.
When this guy gets full energy he does a 15 second "Sleet Storm" which is a powerful frost damage DoT, also affected by the stacking debuff. Just power-heal through it and it will be fine.
The Fight:
Basically you split your raid into the appropriate groups and you are able to go to your respective platforms before you engage as well, their aggro radius is quite small. You will need to use slightly different tactics on 10 to 25 man, so I'll separate them below. These are the general areas that overlap on both difficulties.
All 3 of them need to die within 60 seconds of eachother, once one "dies" it channels a 60 second long buff called "Gather Power". Not acually sure what happens when it finishes channeling, however I'm pretty sure it will be either a full heal or some insta-kill of everyone, especially with a cast time that long.
Another thing to watch out for is that when they get 100 energy and do their ultimate attacks, the wind tunnels you use to  travel from platform to platform on are disabled for the 15-20 seconds they have their abilities up. So be careful with jumping during those times!
10 man:
So you have 1 tank, 1 healer go to Anshal (Nature guy, west platform) and 1 tank, 1 healer go to Nezir (Frost guy, north platform). The rest of your raid (5 dps, 1 healer) will head to Rohash (Wind guy, east platform). On the pull you have all dps nuke down Rohash to around 50% health, then all but the assigned 1 dps and 1 healer jump over to Nezir (Northern platform). At about the same time you will be doing your first tank swap to reset the stacks (if you have good dps).
The 4 dps that go to Nezir will dps him down to about 20% while the dps that remained with Rohash will continue nuking him but not killing, of course. Once Nezir is on 20%, you jump over to Anshal (about the same time as the next tank swap if you have good dps) and kill him. Once Anshal dies, Rohash will be on 5-10%, and then all dps from Anshal's platform (plus the tank and healer) can jump over to Nezir and finish it off about the same time as the single DPS finishes off Rohash. 
Overall a simple fight, they die very fast as they have low health, once you know their abilities and what to look out for then it's very easy to counter/avoid everything.
25 man:
For this fight on 25 man you will need 1 tank, 2 healers and 2-3 DPS (with AoE capabilities) to be assigned full time to Anshal (Nature guy, west platform). 1 tank and 2 healers full time on Nezir (Frost guy, north platform) and 2 healers and 2 dps assigned to Rohash (Wind guy, east platform). That leaves 12-13 DPS left unassigned. The best way to sort this is to split them up into 2 groups, one group being ranged dps and one being melee, seeing as melee can't really dps Rohash.
You then assign them to alternate dps between Nezir and either Anshal (melee) or Rohash (ranged), switching when the frost stacks get too high. 
The tank swaps will happen every 3-4 stacks, the tank/healer squad from both Nezirs and Anshals platform will jump at the same time with the tanks quickly picking up the bosses when they land.
Rince and repeat this until they start getting low, aim to get Anshal and Rohash to around 5-8%, and Nezir to 10%. Get the DPS teams to finish the outer adds, jump together to the middle, bloodlust and win. As long as you are careful of the abilities and get the stacks under control the fight is fairly simple.
Youtube Links:

First video: <Ensidia> 10 man, Hunter PoV
Second video: <For the Horde> 25 man kill. Mage PoV


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