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The brave adventurers finally reach their goal. Cho'gall. The most powerful ogre magi ever to have lived, thought to be dead, however he was in hiding, worshipping the old gods and gaining their power. One of the most fearsome creatures ever to have walked this earth.
As you enter the room, he merely sits there, holding the Hammer of Twilight, and both his heads watch you with an amused grin. It's time to put an end to this monster. But are you able? Only time will tell...
Raid Setup (10 man):
1-2 Tanks
2-3 Healers
5-7 DPS
Raid Setup (25 man):
2 Tanks
5-6 Healers
17-18 DPS
The boss has a large arsenal of abilities that he does quite often, and everyone has a Corruption bar, which slowly fills as the fight goes on depending on how bad you are at avoiding the damaging abilities. He spawns an add every so often which, when it dies, leaves a defile-looking voidzone on the floor, and a few little adds are spawned every so often out of each defile-looking voidzone (so more adds the longer the fight goes on as you'll have killed more of the big ones). This is a soft-enrage style of the fight, so the longer you take to get the boss to 25%, the more little adds spawn at a time, and they do pretty high aoe damage and the aoe ticks give you Corruption, so they need to die VERY fast.
Another interesting part of the fight is that quite often he mind controls 3 people (on 10 man at least, maybe more on 25)  and they channel the boss giving him a stacking buff, you need to interrupt those people to break the channel and do it before the boss gets too much of a damage increase.
Rince and repeat this until 25% when he goes uber mode and makes entire room shadowey and insane aoe damage + tentacles that channel people doing 75% damage and healing reduction for the duration. Interrupt and kill those asap and nuke the boss before he kills you all!
Corruption - Increases depending on the damage you take from pretty much every ability in the fight. If it ever gets full (you have to be really bad for that) then you get a debuff giving you 100% more damage done and making all spells instant cast. However it also reduces all healing taken by 100%, and theres alot of aoe damage. So you wont have the pretty buff for long before you die.
Conversion - Mind controls random people and causes them to channel the boss giving him a 10% damage increase from each MCed person for each 3 seconds they channel him. Interrupting them breaks the MC, so be fast!
Shadow's Orders - Summons a shadowy elemental next to him which he then absorbs (untargettable), this grants him Unleashed Shadows, which does aoe damage to the raid every so often.
Flame's Orders - Summons a firey elemental next to him which he then absorbs (untargettable), this grants him Flaming Destruction, which is thrown on random locations on the ground leaving fire patches and hurting anyone it lands on / stands in the fire. Also makes melee attacks do an additional 20k+ fire damage to the tank.
Fury of Cho'gall - Cast on the tank, blasts the target doing high physical and shadow damage, and leaving 2 debuffs on the tank:
                   Cho's Blast - Increases physical damage taken by 20%
   Gall's Blast - Increases shadow damage taken by 20%.
Summon Corrupting Adherent - Summons a large add to the fight. Does medium tank damage, leaves defile-looking void zone of congealed blood when killed.
Fester Blood - Summons Blood of the Old God from all congealed blood pools and does raidwide damage. These adds need to be killed very fast and are untankable. Provides a buff to any Corrupting Adherents still alive.

Corruption of the Old God - The AoE in phase 2 - Causes high shadow damage and increased corruption levels every 2 seconds.
Corrupting Adherent:
Depravity - Inflicts high shadow damage to anyone within 20 yards and causes extra corruption. Interruptable!
Sprayed Corruption - Inflicts high damage on the tank + increases corruption level.
Festering Blood - Causes the Corrupting Adherent to do high shadow aoe damage every 2 seconds which increases everyones corruption. Caused by Cho'gall casting Fester Blood.  Kill the add before it gets buffed with this!
Corrupting Crash - Similar to Vezax's Shadow Crash, voidzone on floor and this bolt lands in it shortly after. Does high damage and gives alot of corruption for not moving.
Darkened Creation - Debilitating Beam - Reduces healing and damage done by 75% and inflicts shadow damage every second. Targets random person and about 4 of these adds spawn at a time (10 man), i think a few more on 25. Interrupt and kill them fast.
The Fight:
The fight is split into 2 phases.
Phase 1:
Pretty simple fight overall i suppose. You need to avoid the fire patches, interrupt the MCed people and dps the boss as hard as you can. Every so often he spawns an add, which you need to kill in your designated location, then little adds spawn from the pool the big one leaves, aoe them down. To maximise the DPS its best to tank the boss and add on top of each other, then move the add away to the designated position about 10% health. In 10 man you should only really use 1 tank so this is a lot easier anyway. After the adds are dead go back nuking the boss until the next big add spawns, take that to where the other one died so the pools are as close to eachother as you can safely get them (makes aoeing the adds faster and easier when they spawn).
Repeat this until 25% really. If you have good dps then you shouldnt get more than 3-4 big adds and waves of small adds, at least on 10 man. The big adds do that shadow crash style ability aswell, which is also easy to avoid. The boss does some AoE damage pulses every so often aswell but nothing too threatening, even when they happen while the small adds are alive, as long as you have decent healers.
For 10 man at least i would reccomend doing this fight with only 1 tank and 2 healers, as this fight is all about killing everything as fast as possible.
Phase 2:
The only abilities the boss does during this phase is summon the Darkened Creations, and the Fury of Cho'Gall debuffs on the tank. So focus all dps on interrupting while killing the adds as fast as possible then nuking the boss. Save bloodlust and all long cooldowns for this phase as the raid damage is too high to keep on top of forever, so you need to kill the boss before healers go oom/damage gets too much. Especially if one or more of the healers is targetted by the Debilitating Beam.
Focus adds, nuke boss, he dies, you get epics.
Overall the fight is very decent being honest, apart from the MC bugs that are on beta at the moment (high chance to get DCed when your MC gets broken, and cause of the new lockout system bugs you normally log back into a different instance to us all, meaning your entirely out of the fight). This makes it rather difficult! Without the DC problem however i think for a normal mode the fight is very well tuned, and i am definately looking forward to heroic mode of this fight when cataclysm is released.

Corruption In Detail:

Corrupted Blood = Your blood is corrupted! Increases damage taken from Corruption of the Old God by 2%. Stacks up to 100.
Accelerated Corruption = +2/sec : Dispellable (magic), you automatically get that debuff once you pass the 50 "Corrupted Blood" mark.
100 Corrupted Blood = Absolute Corruption : Your Corrupted Blood has corrupted you absolutely.  You recieve 100% less from heals but inflict 100% additional damage and spells are cast instantly.
Until 25%
Depravity = +10 Corrupted Blood : Interrupt the Corrupting Adherents.
Sprayed Corruption = +5 Corrupted Blood/2sec : Kill Corrupting Adherents before Festering Blood. You have approx. 30sec to kill one when it spawns.
Spilled Blood of the Old God = +5 Corrupted Blood : Don't stand in the black puddles, spawns under the dead Corrupting Adherents.
Blood of the Old God Melee Hit = +2 Corrupted Blood : Avoid getting hit by the small adds.
Dark Sickness = +5 Corrupted Blood : Your Corrupted Blood has made you sick, causing you to vomit and inflict 19500 to 20500 Shadow damage to friends in a 5 yard cone in front of you, also causing Corrupted Blood. Seems random.
Corrupting Crash = +10 Corrupted Blood : Fires a shadow missile at a target, dealing 29250 to 30750 Shadow damage to all enemies near the impact, same as Vezax.
Corruption of the Old God = +1 Corrupted Blood/2sec : Inflicts 4875 to 5125 Shadow damage every 2sec * 2% per stack of Corrupted Blood, maximum: 100stacks = +200% dmg.
Youtube Links:

First Video: <Forlorn Legacy> 10 man, Blood DK PoV
Second Video: <Paragon> 25 man, Holy Paladin PoV


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